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Leaking taps are inconvenient to deal with, produce a mess in your kitchen, and waste a lot of water. You have the option of repairing the leaky tap yourself or hiring a Professional Plumbing agency to do so for you.

Fixing a leaky tap is simple even if you don’t have much experience. If you don’t have the time or want to have it done by a professional, Curaflo Plumbing has a number of Emergency Plumber and professionals who can make your task easy at a fair price.

Understanding the issue

To fix anything, you need to identify the underlying problem. It is the same with a leaky tap. In the case of a dripping faucet that is turned off, the washer attached to the jumper valve is the one that needs a replacement. If the tap is leaking water while it’s still on, then the problem lies with the O-ring.

If there are faults with both the washer and O-ring, then both of them can be replaced. For dismantling the tap, you need to have a spanner for removing different nuts, cutting pliers for easing the tightness, a replacement washer or O-ring that matches the size of your existing one, tap lubricant, and a waste cloth or a pair of protective gloves. Alternatively, you could also get a tap repair kit.


Fixing a leaky tap

Before dismantling the leaky tap, it’s important to cut off the main water supply and turn on the tap to let the existing water run out of the pipes. After this, dismantle the handle by removing the screw or button that holds it and taking off the cover plate, further exposing the leaky tap’s body and spindle. It can be assumed that the O-ring is responsible if the outer body is wet.

Making use of a spanner or a wrench, loosen the body and remove it. The jumper valve lies underneath the body. Take that out as well and replace it with the one you bought.

Removing the spindle from the body exposes the O-ring; cut it off, wipe it clean using the waste cloth, and roll the new one over it. Finally, screw the body back into its place and tighten it. Place the cover, handle, and button to make it whole again. Switch on the main water supply and open the tap to let out the trapped air and check for leaks.

See, it’s very easy to fix a leaky tap. If you are still having trouble fixing it, then Curaflo Plumbing’s specialized team can help you with any of your requirements. 

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