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Hot Water Plumber Melbourne

It’s safe to say a hot water system is something most of us couldn’t live without, so it’s essential to have issues fixed by a trusted source. Luckily, we at Curaflo Plumbing have the experience and expertise to handle anything hot water-related, whether you need repairs, replacement or installation. We’re equipped to provide a quality hot water service to both residential and commercial properties, no matter their size.

Curaflo Plumbing in Melbourne. Emergency plumbing services.

What Hot Water Systems Do We Service

Regardless of what hot water system you use, we’re here to help. Our qualified team can work on a range of systems, including a gas, continuous flow, heat pump and electric hot water system.

Curaflo Plumbing in Melbourne. Emergency plumbing services.

Why Choose Curaflo Plumbing?

There are many reasons why Curaflo should be your go-to for hot water installation or system repair. For starters, our team has over a decade of experience, with fully qualified and licensed plumbers and gasfitters among on ranks. What’s more, we offer same-day hot water and 24/7 service, allowing your issue to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Along with our reliable service, we also pride ourselves on providing a 10% seniors discount, helping to ensure that hot water system repair is accessible to everyone. To top it all off, we service a range of locations across the CBD and neighbouring suburbs, making us a convenient choice for inner-city dwellers.

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What Locations Do We Serve?

We operate in many of Melbourne’s most highly populated suburbs. Our key service areas include:


  • CBD and surrounding suburbs
  • Richmond
  • Prahran
  • St. Kilda
  • Elwood
  • Elsternwick
  • Canterbury
  • Brighton and other bayside suburbs
Curaflo Plumbing. Locations in Melbourne CBD, Australia.

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We at Curaflo Plumbing are committed to getting your hot water service up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No issue is too big for us to handle, so why waste any time? Leave it to the experts by calling 0430 453 587 or contact us to get a free quote today!


How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last?

If you’ve found yourself asking, ‘how long do hot water systems last?’, you should know this depends on several factors. Gas systems often have a slighter shorter life cycle than electric systems, as they can place higher levels of strain on the system’s heating components. In general, heavier system usage will place greater stress on its elements, and poor water quality can also decrease the system’s longevity. The most effective method of making your hot water system last longer is having it serviced regularly. Exactly how often this maintenance should occur depends on your specific system. Still, a general rule of thumb is that continuous flow systems should be serviced annually, while any other kind of system can be done every five years.

How Much Does A Hot Water System Cost?

How much is a hot water system? Well, there are a number of different costs to consider, including purchase price, installation, servicing and maintenance and energy bills. Although many of these costs are unavoidable in having hot water service, you can reduce your spending by choosing an energy-efficient system, taking short showers and fixing any leaking faucets before they become a bigger problem.

Why won't my hot water work?

Are you reaching the end of your tether, asking, ‘why won’t my hot water work?’ As it turns out, several issues can be associated with hot water systems. Common problems include gas leaks, leaking tanks, failing gas valves, and malfunctioning thermostats or electric water heaters. Although researching these issues can help you troubleshoot with your own system, we always recommend leaving maintenance to a professional to avoid causing any more damage.

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