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If you have a water-related problem with your roofing, you need a roof plumber. If your guttering is leaking or your downpipes are rusting, or you’re in the market for a rainwater tank, this is when you need a roof plumber.

While the term ‘plumber’ is in the title, you don’t want to call your regular plumber. They’re great at fixing leaky taps and sinks inside your house, but up on the roof? You need a trained professional with a different set of skills.

If ever you see a leak in your roof or some discolouration such as mould on your ceiling, call a Curaflo roof plumber and get that problem sorted fast!

Curaflo Plumbing in Melbourne. Emergency plumbing services.

Signs You May Need A Roof Plumber

There can be some obvious signs your roof needs the attention of a roof plumber. These include:

  • Rusted or broken pipes and downpipes.
  • Rusted rainwater tanks.
  • Cracked roofing tiles.
  • Missing or cracked flashing.

You can have other signals that there are plumbing issues with your roof as well, such as:


  • A slow drip into your home.
  • Mould growing on the ceiling.
  • Discolouration on the ceiling or walls – brown, grey, or yellow stains.
  • Peeling or bubbling paint leading down from your ceiling.
Curaflo Plumbing in Melbourne. Emergency plumbing services.

Why Choose Curaflo Plumbing?

When you need a roof plumber, why should you choose Curaflo? We have an admiral reputation for our reliability and the quality of our work.

Based in Elwood, we operate in surrounding suburbs, such as Prahran, Richmond, and St Kilda, and we do commercial and residential work in the Melbourne CBD.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so no matter when you spring a roof leak, we’ll be there to save the day or night.

We can help residential customers, homeowners, or real estate agents servicing investor properties, and we’ve helped with commercial premises as well.

Curaflo is family owned and operated, with more than ten years of experience. We’re fully qualified and licenced, and have a licenced gas fitter on staff too.

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What Locations Do We Serve?

Curaflo is based in Elwood and we service the surrounding suburbs, including  St Kilda, Brighton, Richmond, Prahran, Canterbury and the Bayside Suburbs.

We can help you with plumbing issues in the Melbourne CBD and Inner Melbourne suburbs. 

If you’re having roof plumbing problems in the Southern corridor, give us a call and let’s see if we can plug your leak.

Curaflo Plumbing. Locations in Melbourne, inner suburbs, Australia.

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The moment you notice something on your ceiling that looks like water damage, or you see rust in your guttering, give us a call any time of the day or night. You don’t want to hesitate and see more damage or more water in your home.


How Do I Stop A Leak In My Roof?

  • Locate the lowest part of the roof leak, and work your way up. This could be the bubbling paint on your walls or the stain on your ceiling.
  • When you locate the source, decide if you can remove it (broken tile or guttering) or if you can patch it.
  • Don’t try and fix something if it seems you may break it.
  • Call Curaflo to fully repair your roof and make it waterproof again.

How Can I Replace A Broken Roof Tile?

  • Check to see if you have the correct tile for your roof.
  • When you have found the broken tile, you will need to remove it.
    • Insert two wedges above the broken tile.
    • Use a trowel, slide it under the broken tile, and slide the tile out.
  • Reverse this process to slide the new tile back into position, ensuring the tiles overlap.
  • Check to see if it fits with the other tiles in the vicinity.

How Can I Tell If My Gutters are Blocked?

  • The easiest way to tell if your gutters are blocked is when it rains. The gutter will overflow at the top rather than let water through.
  • The next way to tell is through odour. A blocked drain with rotten material will emit a foul, earthy smell.
  • If a drain is not yet completely blocked, then drainage will be slow, or there could be gurgling sounds coming from the drain.

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